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The Chase For Edward Snowden

For those of you who don’t know the back story to Edward Snowden, it goes like this– Snowden is a contractor for the National Intelligence Agency. He is the first to leak information and to show his identity.

A tremendous uproar right after he let the world know of the CIA’s wrong doing of bugging everyone in this country lead for the Obama administration to charge him with espionage.

The location of Snowden at the time was Hong Kong. The U.S asked the Chinese officials for him to be extradited, but they let him leave to Russia.

The United States and the Chinese have this competitive relationship to the point were each is willing to do anything to get ahead; China did so by letting Snowden go.

No one right now knows of his whereabouts, but rumors are he was in Mascow and will head to Cuba. The flight to Cuba was filled with journalist and Snowden’s seat happened to be empty.

with all these rumors going around could it have been planned?, I really think it is. This whole ordeal seems so precise. How can’t the U.S not capture a guy who is a high school dropout with a simple computer.