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Beyoncé: Pregnant? Or Just A Rumor

Beyoncé had canceled a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, due to dehydration and exhaustion on Tuesday. Rumors of her being pregnant with a second child surfaced right the performance was canceled. She already has a one year old daughter named Blue Ivy with famous rapper Jay-Z. No one knows if the rumors are true just yet, but maybe she’ll us know soon if it is.

beyPhoto Credit goes to (INFphoto.com)

Beyoncé has told ABC News “I would like more children”. She believes her daughter needs more siblings to interact as she grows up.

The Performer has sent a hand written letter to her fans saying-“To my dearest fans in Antwerp, I’ve never postponed a show in my life,” she writes. “It was very hard for me. I promise I will make it up very soon. I’m sorry if I disappointed you.”(E News)

Beyoncé is 31 years old and is on tour until August.