Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol: The Best Frontcourt in the NBA

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Great NBA frontcourts are a dying breed, at least on the offensive side of the ball. Few teams run a true inside out offense these days, opting instead to penetrate and kick the ball out to shooters, much like the Miami Heat. The Grizzlies, however, are a bit of a throwback squad, using two supremely skilled big men to run their offense. The only frontcourt that comes close has the other Gasol, along with Dwight Howard. Unfortunately they were held back a bit by the system they play in and it was also just their first season together. Any team would be lucky to have either Zach Randolph or Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies have both and they have used them to their fullest potentials.Image

            Many teams find it difficult to use two great big men at the same time on offense. The problem arises when both bigs need to…

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Marc Gasol and The Grizzlies Might Be The Team To Beat

The big grizzles, from down south, are showing they are the team to beat

It was déjà vu for both the grizzlies and the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night in Memphis. But, the results of the game shifted in opposite direction. In last year’s match up in game 3 between these two team – Memphis had a 17 point lead throughout the game but Kevin Durant put the team on his shoulders and took the win home.

Last night on the other hand was a different story. The young tough thunders had lead most of the game, but with Marc Gasol converting a late 15 footer in overtime, Zach Randolph grabbing 12 rebounds, and Mike Conley pouring in 24 points: Keeping the lead was just too difficult of a task.

The Key


That word is what literally describes the development of Marc Gasol. Going from being the chubby tall kid being traded for his brother Paul to the leader of a franchise is an achievement. It seems like this year could be the year he gets closer to his brothers two championship rings with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rewinding back to the 2008 Olympics: the first time the world really saw Marc on display he had the “quiet-innocent” impression of most at first glance, but his tough style of play changed our thoughts about him.

“We crack jokes sometimes about what he used to look like in high school,” Randolph said. “But man, he’s just been growing as a person and individually. The guy’s great, man. He’s constantly getting better. I’m proud of him.” Looks like his own teammates are wowed by his performance as well. – ESPN

Marc was honored earlier this year with the Defensive player of the year award. For odd reasons for the second year in a row the league named the award winner on the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Tyson chandler of the New York Knicks being the first last season.

The struggle

No, Kevin Durant has not been struggling, but he did only convert 3 of his 8 shots in the fourth quarter and made none of his attempts in overtime.

In the post game interview Durant stated:

“I’m giving everything I’ve got to my team,” Durant said afterward. “I’ve been doing this since the playoffs started. I’m going to play for my team. I’ll keep doing it however long I have to.”

Perhaps the absence of the non-appreciated Russell Westbrook is what’s causing the thunder to perform under the barrel. Westbrook was netting in a little over 23 a game, along with 7 and a half dishes and 5 boards a game before his knee  injury in game 2 of the first round against the Rockets. Even though Durant is capable of carrying this team on his own: Westbrook is the vocals of the team: An important role in a professional team.

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