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Race Is Not The Issue

A big percentage of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin followers believe this case is about a race issue. I have one thing to say. Stop. It’s not a race issue.

If Americans keep assuming every crime that occurs between different racial groups is/was fueled by race, we will always stay in the past.

We need to move forward, to do that we must make ourselves blind to color.

I truly believe this generation in America is the first generation not to see color in people. The small amounts that do are influence only by relatives and the media- including all racial groups.

Everyone has this pre-installed idea that racial slurs and crimes are only towards African-Americans, but that’s not true. Yes, there was hardship for African-Americans, but it was overcome with civil right leaders who were calm, observant, and lenient- not allowing themselves to move backwards like we are today.

A young man who happens to be African-American lost his life, let’s not make it an issue it is not and let’s serve this kid right.

– Khalid Moalim


Glee Star Dead.

CTV Glee star Cory Monteith found dead in Vancouver.

Police just confirmed. They currently do not know the cause of death. 

Cory is 31 years of age an was born in Canada. 

Kardashians & the Papz!

 Kardashian’s against the Paparazzi.

The paparazzi have become an enemy of the Kardashians and anyone affiliated, a la Lamar Odom and Kenya West.

In two days the paparazzi managed to anger rapper Kenya, and pro ball player Odom in different occasions.

 Lamar was approached by paparazzi while in his car on Thursday morning. First question asked by the pop “Did you cheat on Khloe…a girl named Jennifer…”

This question managed to tick off Odom, in responds Odom pointed to his wedding ring and said “this is why I wear this ring”

That’s not where Lamar stopped the discussion with the one army Paparazzi, he continued to get out of his car to approach the vehicle of the paparazzi- leading to breaking their equipment very calmly. In the midst of the calm rage, Lamar had the courtesy to take a picture with a fan.

Khloe kardashian did back up her hubby Lamar tweeting

F**k the papz!!!!! You f**king losers!!!!! But shout out to my hubby for posing with the fans! I love my Lam!” than followed up by “This becomes stalking at some point!!!!! Its wild!!!! #F**kThePaps,”

After an earnestly plea by the paparazzi Lamar was just too nice and returned the damaged equipment.  The whole ordeal ended with Lamar back in his car and the paparazzi yelling “I was a fan Lamar…but not anymore…”

Apparently the same man approached Kenya at the airport, but we all know Kenya doesn’t fight back calmly.

Putting his hand on the camera and letting the paparazzi know he appreciates that he’s a fan, but he’s got to stop talking to him.

That didn’t stop the ambitious photographer as he followed Kenya; but soon stopped after Kenya got extremely angry.

The Chase For Edward Snowden

For those of you who don’t know the back story to Edward Snowden, it goes like this– Snowden is a contractor for the National Intelligence Agency. He is the first to leak information and to show his identity.

A tremendous uproar right after he let the world know of the CIA’s wrong doing of bugging everyone in this country lead for the Obama administration to charge him with espionage.

The location of Snowden at the time was Hong Kong. The U.S asked the Chinese officials for him to be extradited, but they let him leave to Russia.

The United States and the Chinese have this competitive relationship to the point were each is willing to do anything to get ahead; China did so by letting Snowden go.

No one right now knows of his whereabouts, but rumors are he was in Mascow and will head to Cuba. The flight to Cuba was filled with journalist and Snowden’s seat happened to be empty.

with all these rumors going around could it have been planned?, I really think it is. This whole ordeal seems so precise. How can’t the U.S not capture a guy who is a high school dropout with a simple computer.

The Spurs Cool Down The Heat In Game 1

Game 1 belongs to the Spurs.


( photo credit: ESPN)

A remarkable first play of the NBA Finals- A fast break by the Miami heat- LeBron James with a no look pass to running teammate Dwayne wade who converted with a slam. A minuet later Tony Parker  and the Spurs took control, forcing Erik Spoelstra to take an early timeout. 

Time Duncan was scoreless in the first quarter of his 24th NBA Finals game, along with racking up two fouls by the two minuet mark. The Heat finished the first quarter with a one point lead 24-23.  

Second Quarter

Wade lead the heat in the first half with Thirteen points, followed by LeBron’s Ten points, five assist and eight boards.Bosh picked up three early fouls- Spent most of the fist half watching from the bench. For the Spurs Duncan made a mid-range jumper while time expired at the half finishing with 12 points and nine rebounds, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili had nine and six points respectively. 

Mike Miller: Clutch-Gene

Miami’s Mike Miller had his minuets reduced through out the regular season, even though, he was a big part of last years championship run. It seems as if Erik Spoelstra was saving Miller for the playoffs against the Pacers and Spurs.

If your a person who has kept up with Millers career knows what i’m mean when I say, he is a performer when it comes to big games, pretty sure this guy has the famous clutch-gene in his DNA. 

Third Quarter

Time Duncan started the second half just how he left the first-Mid range jumpers and hook shots were given out to the Heat like punches, and it really damaged Miami. 

Every time the spurs got close to Miami they just kept pulling away. 

LeBron James was one assist shy of a triple-double in the third ending with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assist. Wade didn’t seem like he was slowing down with 17 at the end of the third.

Miami lead end of third. 

Fourth Quarter

The spurs took the lead for the first time, since the first quarter, and they did not look back. Duncan was poised to get his team this win.

The Play of the game was made by Tony Parker a double pump shot on Lebron, that bounced of the backboard with 8 seconds left in the game. 

The spurs took game one 92-88 against the Heat!



Duncan: 20 points, 14 rebounds

Parker: 21 points, 6 assist


LeBron: 18 points, 18 rebounds, and 10 assist

Wade: 17 points


The Heat Was Too Much For The Bulls

As Dwayne wade came back to the starting lineup on Wednesday night from knee treatment, the Heat closed out the tough Chicago Bulls 94-91 to Advance to the Conference Finals.

Photo credit: (Reuters CP Entertainment)


The heat seemed invincible in the first quarter. Starting the game with an 18 to 4 run in the first six minuets of the game. The Bulls cut the lead down to 30-21 at the end of the first. 

Nate Robinson hit his first field goal since game three towards the end of the first quarter: going 0 of 12 in game four. Despite that fact, he let that ball go in the air just as many times as any other game. Steve Kerr the former NBA star commentating the game said “This guy (Robinson) is unbreakable”. Well Kerr I certainly agree. 

The Heat was scoreless in the paint in the second quarter going 0 for 5. At the end of the half the Bulls had fought their way back to take a 53-47 lead. Robinson ended the half with 14, Carlos Boozer followed up with 19. For the heat LeBron James and Wade had 10 a piece. This was the largest half time deficit for Miami in this postseason and only the second time trailing at the half.

The Quiet Factor

Jimmy Butler is indeed the quiet sniper nobody knows about. Coming into the league not much minuets were available for him, but whenever his name has been called, he has shown up! The former Marquette Eagle averaged a little over eight points a game in the regular season. That average has increased against Miami netting in 14 a game in this series: scoring 21 in game one. Another quiet factor was Rip Hamilton who did step up to make key plays during the fourth to finishing with 15 points.

Norris Cole has been a quiet factor, but it did not seem like it in the first half scoring no points. As we all remember him and Nate Robinson put on a show earlier in the series. He hit a crucial shot in mid fourth quarter to take the lead for the Heat, following up with a slam to excite the crowd.

Wade left to head to the locker room, but during a side line interview coach Erik Spoelstra of the heat said “He probably went to go fix his shoe” so we should not expect any knee issues. The heat looked frustrated both Chris Bosh and Udonis haslem picked up four fouls. Rip Hamilton did have the hot hand finishing with 11 points at the end of the quarter. The Bulls still kept the lead ending the third with a 77-69 lead.

Shane Battier scored the first eight points in the fourth quarter for the heat. He has struggled throughout the series shooting 28 percent from the field. This brings the question, why hasn’t Erik Spoelstra used Mike Miller? -who single handedly won them game 5 in the finals during last year’s championship game.

Dwayne Wade became the “flash” everyone knows him to be exploding in the last five minutes of the game.  To help the Miami heat Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Wade told Greg Sager “I know the fourth was going to be tough…I knew I had to come and play” he for sure did come to play helping his team close out the Bulls 4-1.



Lebron James: 23 points, 8 assist, 7 rebounds.

Dwayne wade: 18 points, 6 assist, 5 rebounds

Chris Bosh: 12 points, 7 rebounds.


Nate Robinson: 21 points, 6 assist.

Carlos Boozer: 26 points, 14 points.

Jimmy Butler: 19 points, 5 rebounds.

Beyoncé: Pregnant? Or Just A Rumor

Beyoncé had canceled a concert in Antwerp, Belgium, due to dehydration and exhaustion on Tuesday. Rumors of her being pregnant with a second child surfaced right the performance was canceled. She already has a one year old daughter named Blue Ivy with famous rapper Jay-Z. No one knows if the rumors are true just yet, but maybe she’ll us know soon if it is.

beyPhoto Credit goes to (

Beyoncé has told ABC News “I would like more children”. She believes her daughter needs more siblings to interact as she grows up.

The Performer has sent a hand written letter to her fans saying-“To my dearest fans in Antwerp, I’ve never postponed a show in my life,” she writes. “It was very hard for me. I promise I will make it up very soon. I’m sorry if I disappointed you.”(E News)

Beyoncé is 31 years old and is on tour until August.

Angelina Jolie: An Influence To Women

When you hear the Academy Award winning name Angelina Jolie most would think of words such as hot, beautiful, and awesome because of her thriller action movies. But, now that list has just increased with words such as bravery, honor, and respect. 

Image(Photo credit goes to Evan Agostini, AP)

Earlier this week Angelina Jolie an American actress announced to the world via The New York Times op-ed she had underwent a double mastectomy to elude cancer. She found out she carried the BRCA 1 mutation gene which is a heredity gene passed on from her mother- who died of breast cancer at the age of 56 in 2007. Jolie’s doctors informed her she had 87 percent chance of developing cancer because she carries the gene.

According to The New York Times op-ed article Jolie wrote: “Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could. I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy.” Because of her procedure she now has less than 5 percent of developing breast cancer.

I think its great she had the double mastectomy. Not because of my selfish reasons of me wanting her to keep making great movies, but, because of the doors she has opened for all the women out in the world. Her bravery to share about her procedure: many women have decided to let the world know as well.

On the subject of Angelina Jolie CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin has told viewers she also plans on receiving a double mastectomy because of her breast cancer diagnosis. 

“I struggled for weeks trying to figure out how to tell you that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was leaving to have surgery,” Sambolin wrote on her facebook ( she followed up by posting “Then, Angelina Jolie shares her story of a double mastectomy and gives me strength and an opening.”

The fact that Angelina Jolie had the bravery to let the world know, it influenced Sambolin to share her upcoming process. The news anchor also said she feels “empowered” and that it feels nice to have someone else talk about it. The anchor is set to have her surgery on the 28th of May.

The film actress Jolie acknowledged that the decision isn’t for every women and that they should look at all the other options. By simply getting a blood test it can determine if you carry BRCA 1. Early detection of the disease is great, getting a yearly or even every 6 month checkups are a great start. 

“I want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life, and to make your own informed choices.” By writing this statement Jolie has helped this world take one step closer to a healthier world.

There is no question, Angelina Jolie has made women all around the world feel empowered not be scared to make life changing decisions. 

The Spurs Slow Down The Young Warriors

The San Antonio Spurs prevailed the young Golden State Worries to take a 3-2 series lead.


San Antonio played well as a group; defensively they kept the dynamic duo Stephon Curry and Klay Thompson under control. Greg Popovich of the Spurs was preaching DEFENSE! During a timeout in the 4th quarter: Just like always the team responded. 

Coach Pop has built a dynasty out of the Spurs since his arrive in San Antonio in 1996. He has won 68 percent of the regular season games since 1996 along with 4 championships. Coach Pop has won all 9 playoff series when his team is leading 3-2.

Tony Parker had the hot hand for the spurs netting in 25 points. Manu Ginobili didn’t show any signs of slowing down even though he is turning 36-Finishing with 10 points and 5 assists. He starting feeling it and did what he usually does late third and throughout the whole fourth quarter.

Harrison Barns was the leading scorer for the warriors finishing with 25 points and 7 rebounds. Jarred Jack followed up with 20 points for the Warriors.

The young ones

Both teams have young stars that have been playing well when their name has been called on.

Let’s start off with Kawi Leonard: scoring 17 points and 7 rebounds. Danny Green stepped up for the Spurs as well finishing with 16 points. 

For the warriors the whole team is young, but Harrison Barns AKA “Black Falcon” the number 7 pick in the draft showed why Golden state was eyeing him in his college days at North Carolina. he pretty much did everything from scoring to playing defense to substitute for the disappearance of Curry and Thompson. 

The Pacers claim game 4 against the Knicks

The New York Knicks a no-show once again!


Game 4 on Tuesday the Indiana pacers shook around the struggling Knicks to take a comfortable 3-1 lead in the series. Carmelo Anthony did not shoot well from the field, converting 9 out of 23 shots (39%). Anthony ended up with 24 points before fouling out of the game with two minutes remaining. JR Smith added 19 points for the Knicks. New York gave up 17 second-chance points in the first half- which is the most by the Knicks both in the regular season and playoffs. 

George hill stated in the after game interview:

“We’re making it tough for them,” said Pacers guard George Hill. “We’re going to give them nothing easy. When we play with fun and passion, we’re a heck of a team.”

Indiana was lead by George Hill who caught on fire beginning of the third quarter scoring 10 of the first 13 points. Hill ended the game with 26 points shooting 64 percent from the field. He has not shown any disappointment since he took the starting job from then injured Darren Collison late last season.

Paul George finished the game by filling up the whole stats line in the book with 18 points, 14 rebounds, along with 7 assists. 

Things are looking bright for the Pacers without their franchise player Danny Granger. Will the winning of Indiana see the exit of Granger? 

This situation looks a lot like the Rudy Gay-Memphis ordeal earlier this year. Memphis noticed that the team was great with or without their former star player in Rudy Gay. I can’t really say it will be the same exact situation for Danny Granger, but there is no reason for him to stay when they can get a lot in return in a trade.