Race Is Not The Issue

A big percentage of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin followers believe this case is about a race issue. I have one thing to say. Stop. It’s not a race issue.

If Americans keep assuming every crime that occurs between different racial groups is/was fueled by race, we will always stay in the past.

We need to move forward, to do that we must make ourselves blind to color.

I truly believe this generation in America is the first generation not to see color in people. The small amounts that do are influence only by relatives and the media- including all racial groups.

Everyone has this pre-installed idea that racial slurs and crimes are only towards African-Americans, but that’s not true. Yes, there was hardship for African-Americans, but it was overcome with civil right leaders who were calm, observant, and lenient- not allowing themselves to move backwards like we are today.

A young man who happens to be African-American lost his life, let’s not make it an issue it is not and let’s serve this kid right.

– Khalid Moalim


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